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Originally Posted by AIRWOLF View Post
My Dragon Wings VFA-41 Black Aces is one that does not have the speedbrake error. While it looks decent, the biggest issue was all of the fiddly bits. There's a ton of it and every single piece needed glue and/or hobby knife work.

The speedbrake error was on the early releases. IIRC another error that was on the early releases was AMRAAM missiles on the wingtips. Dunno if both the speedbrake and the wingtip AMRAAMs were fixed at the sametime though...
Thats part of the reason I dislike my Dragon F-14 the most out of any I've owned. It is easily the most fragile one of the bunch. From the very first time I was putting it together I felt it more like a delicate builder model than a diecast model. Seems like everything on it will break with the slightest pressure. The gears wouldnt hold the weight of the model either and the stand is very flimsy. Glue shouldnt be a requirement for diecast models.
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