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Thanks for the link, they have 2 of the stands I need, the F-14 and F-16, I didn't see the F-18 E/F stand listed, and I've managed to pick up a MIG-29 stand since I posted the want ad.

Surprisingly, the shipping to the USA isn't too bad at all from what I can see, it will cost about 9 Euro, or roughly $10 to ship 2 stands, and I haven't seen either one of these stands on ebay or any domestic online retailer.

**** Unfortunately the shipping turned out to be a killer @ about 30 Euro, when I checked their shipping chart it showed shipping to North America (Canada and USA) @ about 9 euro for up to a half Kg, and about 17 euro for 1 Kg, and I can't imagine 2 Witty stands weighing 2+ Lbs., but those prices didn't turn up when I attempted to check out. ********

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