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Default Re: Inflight Eastern L1011 Landed

Originally Posted by panam707 View Post
Here's the thing and it's very simple: All EA aircraft in the white top scheme since its inception in 1964 had white stabilizers. DC-8s, B720s, L1011s, etc.
I did not know this! I knew the L-1011s had white horizontal stabs, but not the entire fleet. Will have to check my GJ EA B722. What about bare metal livery jets?

Originally Posted by Retroguy View Post
I keep wishing the brand with the A300 Mould decides to do something bould, and surprise the collectors with an Eastern A300 too!
You and me, both!

Originally Posted by Retroguy View Post
Thinking about that Delta too....still "need" a MD-11 in 1:200....but wanted to buy something a bit more...exotic!
There's always KLM... Unless you already have too many of that airline.
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