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Default Re: Inflight Eastern L1011 Landed

Very nice looking model. Livery and detail printing looks clean and sharp. Looks like a good job Inflight.

Just one gripe about the mold. I was going to get this model, but the Inflight L-1011 nose shape and cockpit window printing looks a little off to me. The Gemini L-1011-500 nose shape looks a little better, but I don't think anyone has nailed the L-1011 nose shape and cockpit windows exactly yet.

The L-1011 has a blunt nose and prominent radome modeled after the shape of the bottlenose dolphin. For me, the nose shape is the defining thing about the L-1011. That being said, I do have the Gemini Delta Widget L-1011 which I really like on the same mold.

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