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Default Sponsor Rules

1. You are required to be a vendor on the forum before you are able to post commercially and/or make any reference to your business on the site (which includes in your username, signature, thread discussions, avatar, profile, etc). If you are interested in becoming a vendor or would like more information, please PM vs-Admin or email [email protected].

2. Vendors should only advertise in their vendor section or the Retailer deals section of the forum. Vendors are not allowed to post commercially in other sections.

3. If a user asks for a suggestion on a product or is looking for a product please feel free to suggest a product.

4. No Vendor to Vendor bashing is allowed on the forum or via PMs. Please do not speak poorly, low blow, or try to undervalue another company on the forum (including in your ads or commercial postings) or via PMs.

5. Please show respect for moderators and forum support staff in forum posts, private messages, and emails. Harassment of staff will not be tolerated.

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