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Originally Posted by SgtMoody View Post
Yes David Warren! I read about his story through a petition to rename one of the airports in Australia after him(i forgot which), needless to say i signed the petition too! How many lives has he saved through this invention we may never know, a truly unsung hero!
The airport you are referring to is a brand new airport due to start construction next year in 2016 as Sydney's 2nd Airport as a 24 hour operation in a suburb called Badgery's Creek. (hopefully the airport is named appropriately with an aviation devoted person). David Warren's two inventions do not save lives. They only help investigators find out what happened and why it happened - human or mechanical error. On this Wikipedia link this is why David Warren invented the Black box & cockpit voice recorder after the F27 TAA crash


Also note from the above link
Long-term aftermath

Australia became the first country to mandate the carriage of Cockpit Voice Recorders on Civil Transport aircraft,[citation needed] a trend which was later followed by other countries. Today, all large civil transport aircraft are required to carry a CVR.

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