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Default Re: G'day Texas - model review with pictures and Box Artwork

  • VH-OQA – Nancy-Bird Walton – the first woman to fly a commercial aviation service in Australia.
  • VH-OQB – Hudson Fysh – one of the founders of Qantas and the airline's first Managing Director.
  • VH-OQC – Paul McGinness – one of the founders of Qantas.
  • VH-OQD – Fergus McMaster – one of the founders of Qantas and the first Chairman of the company.
  • VH-OQE – Lawrence Hargrave – inventor of the box kite, linking four of these together in 1894 to fly 16 feet.
  • VH-OQF – Charles Kingsford Smith – Australian aviator, who made the first trans-Pacific flight from the USA to Australia in 1928, and founded Australian National Airways Limited.
  • VH-OQG – Charles Ulm – co-pilot on Kingsford Smith's record-breaking trans-Pacific flight between the USA and Australia in 1928 and co-founder of Australian National Airways Limited.
  • VH-OQH – Reginald Ansett – founder of Ansett Airways Pty Ltd.
  • VH-OQI – David Warren – inventor of the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder.
  • VH-OQJ – Bert Hinkler – pilot of first solo flight from Britain to Australia in 1928.
  • VH-OQK – John and Reginald Duigan – first Australians to design, construct and fly a powered aircraft, in 1910.
  • VH-OQL – Phyllis Arnott – first Australian woman to gain a commercial pilot's license.

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