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Default Re: Save our hobby ..Become more critical.

Originally Posted by N. Eberhard View Post
They really like to make those models because the airlines really like Gemini to make those models...A LOT.

How hard a concept is this to understand for so many collectors? It is Chapter 1, paragraph 1, of Business 101.

It's these repeat airline orders that generate a profit to subsidize the models that generally will break even at best, but most likely are more risky than ADI taking the money they'd spend manufacturing them and throwing it on the local craps table.

It costs money (a lot) to produce samples, correct errors and then Produce more samples prior to production. You think the models are expensive now? They'd be far higher with just two sample rounds.

Cost of materials is much higher these days, and so is shipping. Add a minimum of 25% to the cost of your model to achieve the perfection you desire.
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