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Originally Posted by tomcatter View Post
starallianceflyer is right. we collect for a variety of reasons. some collect the replica of planes they flew on, some follow a particular airline etc etc etc and i guess not everyone is overly concerned about the correct engines, nose shape, exact livery etc. and there's really no point sulking that the manufacturers didn't produce an exact replica of a particular model one is interested in. hoping others will be turned off by the inaccuracies, to me, is an exercise in futility. it won't happen. that's exactly the reason why some of us point out the deficiencies and yet still go ahead and buy those models anyway... unless you can wait and hope for the manufacturer to rectify the deficiencies in re-releases, or another manufacturer comes around to do a more accurate one. i don't know about the rest but i kinda subscribe to the "a bird in hand is worth two in the bush" principle. and i think very few will pass on a model they've been holding out on just because of such inaccuracies either. then again, i may be wrong. but if your primary motive of collection is to get the replica of planes you flew on or follow a particular airline, i think the deficiencies would not stop you from getting one. it helps when you're spoilt for choices in deciding which manufacturer to choose from, like in the recent tropical and klm releases... but not if that's the only one that's available (kinda like having a monopoly of that particular livery). most would rather have a deficient model than none at all. just my two cents observation.
Sure you also have a point here.
We keep buying them because .... Well simply there is no one around that sells really detailed and close to perfect scale models.

Maybe it is time someone needs to dive in to that market.

The problem i think is that all these current brands could do sooooo much better.
But they simply dont bother to do their best or improve things.

I think it is a thing of the time and age we live in right now.
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