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Default Re: Save our hobby ..Become more critical.

I will admit, few manufacturers really listen to the collectorate. I think Dragon did make a few changes back in the day, and shortly thereafter, the folks at Big Bird did come up with some nice models (744's). Did they make the changes happen overnight? No.

Fast forward a few years and JC releases a not-so-good ANZ 777 "All Blacks". It was the model that stopped me from buying preorder, sight unseen. Then two months later, Version 2.0 hit the streets and looked real good actually. I think that was the best part of this hobby - when a manufacturer listens and fixes a model. (Unless folks will tell me the quick turn was a way to sell out of a 2.0 version to the desperate masses...grabbing the money anyway they can.) I'd like to think not. JC seems to listen and make improvements and therefore will have the votes ($$$$) of those who see the realism expected at the correct (though very personal) price point.

Funny to hear Nick, year after year, make the same comment about Business 101. He was right then and is now. It's like revisiting a college class I took many years ago being in the back of the room and hearing the professor give a familiar lecture to a new crop of students (collectors). He does change the delivery to keep it interesting (testify, Prof!)

Diecast collecting maxims:
1. Don't like it, don't buy it.
2. Wait for it - they will get around to making it. (I will have my "Big Red" Qantas 744 now --- woot!)
3. Can't wait? - collect another model/livery/anything else/go experience life/pony up $20,000 for your own mould and/or have commissioned it yourself (or go to crownvic or others to make for you).
4. Companies make models to make money. Corporate and personal sales are part of the equation.
5. Breathe - it's all good.

P.S. Who wants to start a 747-400 Club revival!?!?!? Aww yeah!!!!!!

P.S.S. DLmd11, I'm in your camp on that last comment. It CAN be done correctly and there are many in this forum who would lend a hand to make it right.
Now where's that 747-400 club?
More Lufthansa and Virgin Atlantic 744s!!
By all that is holy.... MORE Cathay Pacific (NC) and British Airways!!
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