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Originally Posted by AirbusHouse View Post
Ego?!!? Is that you man?! Same speech, same attitude!
Or just another JC troll? Garbage is a strong word for "being critical", its slander.
Shame on you, tsc,tsc, shame on you!
Love this place.

Ps...those V shaped cockpit windows were done in the JC factory, right?! One only has to look at the crummy landing gears to come to that conclusion.
But apparently nobody here thinks. They just follow. Schade!
Haha don't worry I'm not a JC troll. All of my 747s are either IF or premiums. The new klm will be my first JC 747. Trust me, I love my battleship inflight more than almost any other model in my collection, but my concern comes from the inability to improve anything (in fact the 747-400 got worse when they "updated" their mold). Just compare the inflight 747 with the JC 777 over the last several years. Both started off as nice planes with plenty of flaws but only one was actually improved to any degree. The V shaped cockpit is all on inflight, not JC. Just look at the recent tropical SQs and you can see that the problem is only on the inflight.
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