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Originally Posted by European Collector View Post

simple example: the Inflight200 727-100/200 mould is crap compared to the JC/GJ mould - i think we all agree here.... the problem is people keep buying the Inflight models just for the sake of having certain liveries in their collection and they are afraid there won't be releases on the GJ mould when it comes to those liveries.

i still don't understand the GJ/JC marketing strategy: they release a TAP 727 but no Alitalia....or JAT, or Iran Air.... with some peoples excuse that the retro market is too small to produce these models....but why the **** are these liveries made on the IF200 mould - because it is more accurate....´gimme a break!
747s engines/wings
350 engines/wings
737 engines/wings
707 engines/wings
787 engines

These are all commom defects on IF's moulds. I tried to be critical on their models but somehow classified as "Bxxxx" by their spokeman when you left any bad comment
Let see what will happen on the 777...

Originally Posted by willigenburg View Post
Quick sample

El-Al Inflight recent release and why i m not buying it.

Cockpit windows crap
Doors and windows too high ( way too high) as is the cheatline.
Look at were the doors supposed to touch the wing line.

If the next pre-orders 747 's i have made look the same ill cancel them all.
Even if it is the Air new zealand .

Heres how it should look
Originally Posted by willigenburg View Post
This is the inflight

It is the worst i have seen on the 747

I can say none of the engines using on IF 747s come with correct shape. The nose also wrong.
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