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Default Save our hobby ..Become more critical.

Fellow collectors.

Is it just me or are we seeing a change taking place in the 1/200 model market?
More players build the same types same liveries and release them close to one another.

The market is beeing flooded with models that have left the factory without anyone checking if they are ok.

Why is it that we as a costumer point out soo many flaws and NO one is listening? And no one i changing the errors made. (The boeing 707 is a prime example of that)

To save our beloved hobby fellow collectors we must become more critical.
And return models that look like crap.
The fear of missing out that model due to limited numbers is now over.
Because they are producing by the masses so why settle for less?

The lesson here is .... Dont be afraid to return crappy models.
Your priced possesion is possibly beeing re-run in 5 or 10 years from now with newer molds. Or another producer will make the same model and livery a week later.

We need to stand together on this.
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