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Originally Posted by SuperKungFu View Post
Old Photos, collection has expanded a lot more since these pictures were taken:
That is an impressive collection!

Here's mine. I just started my collection in earnest back in December, but have had a couple of these for years. Working on the Delivery Flight Line at Boeing's Everett factory, I am trying to get a 1:400 of every type in every livery and paint scheme I worked on and delivered. So far, I have all but two of my 747-8s, but I still need 10 more 787s. Once someone releases a correct KC-46 model, I will be adding that as well. The rest of my collection is Russian metal, with two odd balls.

Your Displays-_dsc7294.jpg

Your Displays-_dsc7279.jpg

Your Displays-_dsc7282.jpg

Your Displays-_dsc7283.jpg

Your Displays-_dsc7284.jpg

Your Displays-_dsc7286.jpg

Your Displays-_dsc7287.jpg

Your Displays-_dsc7288.jpg

Your Displays-_dsc7290.jpg

Your Displays-_dsc7293.jpg

The display case is a old Ikea Besta cabinet that I have re-purposed and was able to buy new glass doors for. Eventually, I am wanting to get custom all glass doors made, since I am not a fan of the wide wood borders on these.

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