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Originally Posted by fazeman View Post
After you mentioned this construction, I had to read what was going on. This mostly state funded development looks to keep companies like Bemis Manufacturing and Kohler Company on competitive footing. Also looks to entice other companies and intermodal business. I give this development a big thumbs up.
Since working for Kohler Co. Pays for my planes, and we buy parts from Bemis, I totally agree! Currently, hopper cars of plastic are parked 1 mile from my house and vacuumed into trucks for transport. It sounds silly to those who associate Wisconsin with cheese, but it is huge business in Plymouth (Sargento, etc). They are putting up 3 new warehouses as I speak, some along the rail line.

Back to aviation, the PGA tournament is this summer and our local airport will be swamped with private jets. I've flown on the company Lear 45 out of there before - that would be a tiny but cool 1:400 model.
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