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I love how they've drawn the Wisconsin state boundaries on the Ozark map - rest of states look about right, Wisconsin is way off

Originally Posted by fazeman View Post
SMA filled empty gaps with quality models. Love their dash 50. I bought a Netmodels Playboy -30 but sold it, not due to quality, just didn't want to see it on my tarmac.

Wisconsin is a beautiful state and I manage to include a Packers game when visiting there. Also did a lot of ancestry research on my mom's side of the family. Many settled in Colby. I never had the luck of seeing or flying North Central/Republic like you, but enjoyed reading its history. Couldn't believe what the airline went through during its early days; shoe string budget.

The closest thing I have to a postcard-like map is a 9" X 7" Ozark linen map. Don't know if that was like North Central's.
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