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Awesome display, Fazeman! As a Wisconsin resident (I'm about an hour's drive from Green Bay, Milwaukee and Appleton), I'm a big North Central lover.

Of course, Republic is my favorite, as I have pleasant childhood memories of flying their DC-9s and seeing their Convairs in service. I love looking at old timetables and seeing how they flew their planes between airports that could be easily driven between (or biked between!).

My dad and I flew one DC-9 Minneapolis to Eau Claire, then on to La Crosse - I think the -30 series had like 10 passengers! And Green Bay was once a jet "hub" of sorts. Now it is mostly regional jets and a Delta 717 into Appleton that serve my neck of the woods, though Allegiant, Sun Country and the occasional Packers A330 charter up to Green Bay do fly low over my house, and JUST a few years back I flew a Northwest DC9-50 Green Bay-Detroit for work (N777NC - a North Central ship!)
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