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Originally Posted by geeforce9 View Post
I don't think the prices for 1:200 747s has changed, even with JCW entering the market, if anything the prices have risen slightly, however ARD give 15% discounts on pre-orders from IF200 and JCW.
I doubt we'll see a perfect replica of a 747 in 1:200 scale, and I stick with what I stated before in that improvements are evolutionary, this of course being accelerated by competition in the market.
The same principles could be applied to any enterprise from car manufacturers to cell phones or computers, certainly not limited to makers of model aircraft.
I suspect that a prefect replica would command a hefty premium, but if someone releases one, some day, for a decent price, then hey, all the better for us, the customers right?

Anyway, thats my 2 cents worth...happy collecting, may your scale model dreams come true
1) IF200 has lowered the prices of their 747 already. Every retailer knows it.

2) A perfect replica will never appear with a decent price. It will appear with a "perfect" price Since only very few people are willing to pay that "perfect" price, according to market demand and supply, a "perfect" replica of 747 will never exist. After all, it is an industry. It's all about cost and benefit. For anything, if there is any room to make profit, there will be someone doing it already.

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