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Default Re: Inflight 200 747's

I dont have many 747 models, only Air China, Tropical and ANA.
My 747 are Inflight, and from what I could see the cockpit windows are straight, except for the Tropical sadly.

Again, as collectors say, there is no perfect model, if a manufacturer has success in some areas of the model, they fail in other areas.
Not true?

I like to see a nice nose, and cockpit shape, ( when we go to airports and see an airplane, that is what we first see right!?) and...something many people dont care, but I do; landing gear.
I prefer to have fixed landing gear, if they are nice and strong. if they are magnetic, they have to be nice and strong too, thats my preference.

IF200 has old models with straight cockpit windows, and I will show my other two models with straight cockpit windows too, the Air China, and ANA.
So they did the Tropical wrong...yes, they did.
And that brings a lot of joy to only a few people here.
I hope those same people look back at other models from their own preferred manufacturer and see they have problems too.
Why calling other people stupid and idiot if they prefer different and they say it here? If you have a child, you dont ask if you prefer mom or dad, right? different love, but same apreciation.
That is not right, sorry to say, and soon or late you will find yourself alone and put aside, because your atitude is wrong.

I plan buying the JCGemini B747-8 too, when she comes to the market. I like the Sunrise colour livery, and I like NCA too, they can do in the 747 F model right?
I plan buying the JC ANA 787-9, to go with my old ANA 747-400, but prefer Boeing livery best.
There is so many options, and the collectors are willing to buy, "much fish in the sea" for everybody.

For me, like in daily life, It is a matter of atitude.



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