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Yeah, I was chastised for bringing out the ruler to prove the window line was not straight and I do not apologize for doing so as straight and proper placement of the window line is my pet peeve. Inaccurate engines, wing joints...they bother me less as I'm do not know which is correct and I never claim to be an expert in the field. But having the window line crooked or place to high that its near the top of the plane, that just sucks. I stopped buying IF200s 707 because their window lines were printed too high for several releases in a row. Looks like they are better now, but I'm only focusing on the 747s and 737s.

Whether it was used to fuel the flaming war or not, don't care. To be balanced, yes, IF200s SQ 747 Tropical port side upper deck was printed higher than the starboard side but the JC crew already pointed that out so no need for me to do so. People can say its not the first time IF200 has crooked printing, yada yada yada...but hey, lets consider who's factory they used to be in when these problems happened in the past. Now they're in a new factory so there is going to be a learning curve and hope its short.

At any rate, I hope IF200 and JC could take the criticism in stride and prevent the window lines from being printed crooked/too high in their future releases and address other issues brought out by other members....though not sure if JC will address the brow issue with their flight deck.

Personally, don't care who releases my 747s as long as they are released. I own 180 IF200s, Herpa, JC Wings with another 20 on order. Neither are perfect, though the two Herpa Premium I have are my favorite, and I'm sure glad to have them all.

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