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Default Re: Inflight 200 747's

I like the tone of this thread so far. I hope it keeps a civil tone to the responses. Maybe I was a bit pre-mature.

I have both JC Wings and InFlight too. Most of my 747's are InFlight too, everything from a Battleship to the Virgin 'Birthday Girl. I also have the new JCW Tropical, that I like very much. I just wish the magnetic gears locked into place a little better. I also like the gray colored articulated landing gear bogies, and the painted wheel hubs of the JCW model. They look more realistic to me, butI think we all have some excellent choices in 747s right now from both manufacturers.

Most of my 777-300ERs are JC Wings. I really like the mold, but wish the engines were just a tiny bit larger. But that still will not keep me from buying more. The rest of my collection includes all different types.

I would like to see all manufacturers continue to upgrade their products. I think you really have a better collection if you have models from different manufacturers, but I do tend to buy all of a specific type of aircraft from the same one once I find a mold that I like. I think the 747 will be an exception to this rule. IF and JCW both produce nice 747 models, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. IF has been around for a long time for a reason; they make nice models. And JCW seems to be leading the pack in customer response and innovation.

I think we all can learn a lot about the different choices available and decide on which models we like and which ones we want to buy if the conversation remains civil, and does not degenerate into personal attacks and petty squabbling.

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