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Originally Posted by lokene View Post
Wow finally glad to see the noise calm over the inflight vs jc wings controversy 747's. Ive been a collector of the inflight 747's since the Pan Am billboard came out. I've been collecting various versions of inflight for the last 11 years and happy to say I'm quite happy with the inflight 747's despite to me small issues with engine shape and wing joint. Overall from a distance it doesn't bother me at all. Ive seen many pictures of the JC WINGS version and noticed both positive and negative. I love inflight sturdy appearing and gleaming landing gear with silver hubs and black tires really shows off well. Tampo printing on inflight overall is much better and easier on the eyes, its less vivid in color and thats fine with me. In another thread there was talk about misaligned windows on jc wings..the inflight 200 does not suffer that flaw thank goodness. The way the model stands on its gear is tall and straight. I noticed a bit of dragster lean on the jc wings version and those grey hubs just doesn't do it for me. So my slight biased opinion...overall I am still happy with my inflight 200's and will continue as a matter of consistency to collect them. I don't mind fixed landing gear not a big deal since I still display my models with gear.... on or off the stand provided and the stand and its base is all metal on the inflight 200, nice job. Sorry JC WINGS, inflight be you to me by 11 years...glad that inflight is releasing hibiscus malaysian and I have a good feeling that wunala qantas is not to far away. I have many inflight 747s on order like united and varig...they will go well with the rest of my collection...

Just to be fair...I am collecting many JC WINGS namely the A380, 777, 787, A319 and 767 versions, inflight 200 has my business in the 747/DC-10/L-1011 versions and gemini has my 727/MD80/DC-9 versions ( which are JC WINGS) so my collection is balanced quite well.
I prefer JCW, particulatly after their new 747 mold, but big deal. Who really cares at this point.

You know you are just stirring the pot and you are also instigating another hateful rant war from both sides of the IG/JCW battle lines. You know both sides will respond, and we will be off and rolling..............AGAIN!!!!!

Couldn't you just leave it alone? Or did you really not know what you were doing?

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