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Default Re: Database not working!

Originally Posted by make.me.laugh View Post
G'day all,

I'm Lou and since February 2013 I've been looking after the database for all 1/400 and 1/200 models.

Back in October 2014 the database froze. I was still able to input new models, but they would'nt show up unless you knew its ID # number. So pretty useless.

However at the end of February 2015 the whole system on here broke and froze. All the over 400 new model entries I'd done since late 2014 were deleted by the system (except for two entries). I have also been locked out of the database update page

Furthermore the system now won't allow you to add any more models to your collection or.. allow you to change the order of your models on your lists.

More worrying is that in the database of models, various 'Airlines' have been deleted (blank spaces appear where they used to be). It seems everyday more disappears datawise from this site.

I have on several occations tried contacting the owners MASMedia about the problems. Only last week did I get a reply with the promise it would be fixed by the end of that day... a week later and nothing...

I implore you to move your collection data to DiMA Immediately. It may not be on this site at all in days considering all the problems that keep building up on this site.

DAC / Wings900 is fine if you want to chat or sledge models (The Wild West of Modelling forums!) However if you use this to keep log of your collection then please move your collection to...

Forums - Diecast Model Aircraft

Before this site loses all your model info.

Good luck... Lou
Hi Lou, I hope you are feeling better and fully recovered from your illness.
Many thanks for the update,sad that it is.Personally I don't like the format of the Dima website.
Is there no way we can bully them into fixing the problem.
Ask advertisers to withdraw their fees perhaps?
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