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Default Re: Air France A 300 B4 with barcode livery

Thank you for your kind comments.

Of course, decals cannot compete with tampo-printing.

As I said, compared to what I know from other decals makers, the decals are a bit too thick but they are very easy to apply and when finished, a clear coat on the fuselage attenuates the fact that you used decals.
I said "a bit too thick", it would have been more appropriate to say "a bit thicker" that some others.
The decals are there, you can't ignore them, but to have a model that will never be made, it is quite acceptable and I am ready to use again decals coming from this manufacturer which offer many interesting opportunities.
Of course, it depends on the way you look at your model and where the light comes from.
I attach a close up picture of the Airbus, a photo like this can't lie and you can form your own opinion.

Some other decals are very thin, to the point that you have to use extra care when handling them, when you slide the decals off the backing paper, they tend to roll under themselves, I discovered that spraying a clear coat on the decal sheet is the solution to make them "stiffer" and easier to apply.
Using decals solution (micro scale) and a clear coat, these decals are almost unnoticeable when the job is finished.
Check the picture showing the Latécoère 631 (the flying boat), you see nothing of the decals made by F-RSIN.

For those interested in AF models, F-DCAL and the blank B 767-200 or -300 recently released by JC Wings offer a unique opportunity to reproduce the planes briefly used by AF when UTA was taken over, the winglets of the -300 will need to be filed.

Jean Pierre.

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