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Default Air France A 300 B4 with barcode livery

The donor is the Hogan AF A 300 B2, the fuselage paint was stripped off with non acetone nail polish remover and received a new paint, the registration under the wing was changed too, caution, the nail polisher remover is excellent to remove the registration marks but the paint of the model doesn't really like it

The decals are from F-DCAL and are rescaled to the 1/200 scale, they are very good, easy to handle but maybe a bit too thick.

The initial model being basic, I just wanted to make a model looking like an Hogan product to go with the other AF A 300 B2.

Not a work of art but it is "good enough" to sit in my glass cabinet.

A very simple way to add to a collection something which is missing, it's worth trying.

A few words about the A 300
It was the first wide body twin engine aircraft.
AF was the launch customer, seven A 300 B2 and seventeen A 300 B4 were received.
The first aircraft delivered in May 1974 had a livery which was not successful (picture 1).
In 1976, all the planes except the Caravelles received the barcode livery which in those days was called the "Concorde livery".
Slightly modified in 1979, the more visible change was the engine cowlings which became white.
All the A 300s left AF by 1997.

Jean Pierre.

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