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Established 2013
Based in Vancouver, BC

Although not yet in operation, Jetlines has been making waves in Canada as a new low-cost operator modelled after European carriers such as Ryanair and easyJet. They have confirmed orders for five new Boeing 737 MAX airliners with the option for an additional 16.

* Jetlines will be the sixth airline in Canada offering domestic jet service.
* Jetlines is the only jet carrier based in Vancouver.
* Jetlines will be leasing a pair of 737-300s in order to start scheduled service in Summer 2015.
* Jetlines will start to receive their five 737-MAX 7 aircraft in 2021.

Jetlines Fleet:
Boeing 737-300 (x2) - Leased to start operations in Summer 2015
Boeing 737 MAX 7 (x5 with options for 16 more) - Delivery starting in 2021

Artist rendition of a Boeing 737 in Jetlines colours, scheduled to start service in Summer 2015.

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