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Established 1970
Based in Kelowna, British Columbia

KF is probably best known as a cargo carrier for Purolator and Canada Post. However, they also do passenger charters, forest fire patrols, and aircraft sales and leasing. In addition to their Kelowna home base, they have a hub in Hamilton, Ontario.

* Kelowna Flightcraft operates cargo/freight services from Victoria, BC to St. John's, NF and everywhere in between.
* Kelowna Flightcraft has been operating charter services since 1974
* KF has a fleet of 23 aircraft
* KF has leased aircraft to other airlines including Harmony Airways, Greyhound Air, Roots Air, and IFL Group Inc.

KF Fleet:
Boeing 727-200F (x13)
Convair CV-580 (x5)
Convair 5800 (x1)
IAI Astra (x1)
McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30/F (x4)

KF Convair CV-580

KF McDonnell Douglas DC-10

KF Boeing 727-200F
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