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Established 2005
Based in Kelowna, British Columbia

This Canadian charter airline operates Boeing 737 Classics in a classic white, black and gold livery. How can you go wrong? They're a new company, but they've got a great fleet of aircraft and they look gorgeous.

* Authorized to fly cargo service between Canada and Cuba
* Operates some passenger flights on behalf of Cubana
* Provides workforce transportation for major construction and natural resource companies.
* Partnered with Shell Energy Canada Ltd.
* Have offered "around the world tours" as well as South American tours in the past.
* Regularly operates charter services across Canada, the United States, the Caribbean, Central and South America, Asia, and Europe.
* Charter airline of choice of the Vancouver Canucks.

The fleet currently includes:
Boeing 737-400 (x4)
Embraer 175 (x1)
Dornier 328 (x1)
Cessna 340 (x1)

Flair previously operated two Boeing 727-200 aircraft. One as a passenger jet and the other as a freight liner.

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