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Default Re: AC imperfection - disappointing Azul A332

Originally Posted by aklein707 View Post
Jeff, in this tiny scale, antennas are nothing more than a gimmick and an eyesore. They are all out of scale, and crude to say the least.
From a retailer's point of view (AeroClassics does support it's retailer's wishes) they are a nuisance, especially when they fall loose or break off.
Many complain about the movable rolling wheels. Antennas go even further over the top.

The OP has the absolute chutzpah to start such a thread, probably because he was told that Phoenix will make the model, and to campaign for them, however, as this was an airline order, with less than 20% going to the collector's market (all of which sold out immediately), and done to AZUL's specs, I really don't give a rat's azz what this OP has to say!
Over the years, I have posted mostly positive comments about Phoenix and their products, especially the 777, so if Izzieitamoron thinks he's earning bozo points by putting down AC, GJ, or JC, he's actually doing the opposite.
Totally agree about the antennae, no need for them.

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