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Default Re: AC imperfection - disappointing Azul A332

Originally Posted by EizieItall View Post
Last weekend first glance at Azul 332 -wow, but after being so entusiastic and happy to receive finaly my brandnew aeroclassics Azul 332 and set it into my Fortaleza diorama, I had time for short quick review.
UPDATE on Azul, will return my airplane, after I found out that it is full of little flaws! Again an Aeroclassics A330 srewed up. I just remember the Greenland, Seychelles, Mauritius and the worst Fiji, here another example. Who is doing the reviewa dn the QC, whoever did that, should search for a new job! My guess is that AC did the production before the actual livery came out of Airbus paint hall. I hope that GJ PX will upgrade it and will join my collection soon. The first picture from the AC AviancaA332 model is also not looking to good...always room for improvement - I hate for this high AC price the constant imperfection, sorry but I am upset !
I'll make you more upset.. go f-ck yourself!!
This model was made according to the specs provided by the airline. If YOU are just campaigning here for your friends to make it with their antennaes and estimated colors, then your agenda is obvious, and I could care less what you think!!!
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