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Default American Airlines DC-2

American ordered 16 DC-2's and placed these in service on the Newark- Chicago route on December 1, 1934. The DC-2 carried 14 passengers and had a cruising speed of 170 mph and a gross weight of 18,000 lbs. I was a good airplane but wasn't a money maker. The DC-3 was developed as a result of Americans request for a larger and improved version of the DC-2.The plane turned out to be more of a change for the earlier DC-2 than first envisioned. It had a greater wingspan, more powerful engines, a larger and wider fuselage, the vertical stabilizer had been redesigned as well as the rudder. The DC-3 had a cruising speed of 180 mph, not much faster than the DC-2 but had a greater payload capacity and was as economical as the DC-2 to fly, because of its improved aerodynamic and flying characteristics, it could carry 50% more passengers, 21 instead of 14 giving AA a money maker.

This is the 1/144 scale CMM (Czech Mini Master) all resin DC-2 kit. The kit came with decals for AA, TWA. Panagra and Eastern. I threw in a photo of the dc-3 side by side for comparison.

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