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Originally Posted by RStretton View Post
Which is unlikely to be realised through Gemini.
This was already debated and it is a matter of conjectures. Gemini's business seems to be driven by airlines. Therefore, I do not see it that unlikely that sooner or later Delta and TWA MD-80s will be made. As you know well, a widget MD-90 and a 767-300 in TWA's twin stripe livery were recently released, despite the originals are both long gone from aprons.

Originally Posted by RStretton View Post
Additionally remember that this mould has the screwdriver tail which rules out several of the better schemes and all actual delivery frames from before about 1987
Disagree. Truth is that several of airlines mentioned above vanished or phased out the equipment before or around 1987: Ozark, AirCal, Republic, Northwest, TranStar, Frontier. All of them were somehow short-lived and, most likely, their MDs only existed in the original "pointed tail" version. On the other hand, amongst the others cited, at least these could definitely be made on the existing GJ mould.

Continental: Final livery
Delta: Delivery, Interim, Deltaflot and current livery
TWA: Both twin stripe and final livery
Alitalia: Delivery, final livery and charter Eurofly livery
Finnair: Both delivery and final livery
Swissair: Both delivery and final livery
SAS: Delivery, final and low-cost Snowflake livery

I find it hard to believe that these are not be included amongst the best and/or the most interesting schemes. A few of them were seen around for one or two decades.

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