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Originally Posted by Sven Nikolaus View Post
Fantastic pictures - thanks a lot for this treat! I have a small AirAsia fleet myself because when I lived in Kuala Lumpur I could witness the rise of this airline. I flew a couple of times with AirAsia together with my family. For my children (then around 5 and 7) AirAsia was their favorite airline because of the menu that offered for little money a lot of sweets and snacks. My little son asked me once: "Daddy, next time we have to fly to Frankfurt, could we travel on AirAsia please?"

A pity that so few of AirAsia's earlier 737-300 have been made in 1:400 - the one that was painted all over with the Malaysian flag (Jalur Gemilang) I miss most.
Wow, that touched me!

But Air Asia until now, showed no sign of reviving their Euro routes!
Huge bummer for me cuz because of them, I travelled almost thrice yearly to UK back in the day!
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