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Originally Posted by A Tupolev View Post
787...like A380's...a multiple daily occurrence at LAX for a long time now. As usual, Canada is well behind the USA. But based on you drug addict Mayor Ford, Toronto dose lead the world in crackhead politicians. Interesting you folks in Toronto support drug abuse.
As much as I agree with you about that loser mayor of theirs and the message the Torontonian parents are sending their children about drugs and DUI, I have to say Canada is not really behind the U.S. at all.
Our healthcare is better. Our schools are better....and safer. Our crime rate per capita is much lower. And let's not forget, we have better beer in Canada!!!
BTW, Toronto has had 787's and A380's for quite a while. Air Canada just got their first one because Boeing, the American company was slow at delivering.
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