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Default Re: Malaysia Airlines 777 Missing

I think that the passport situation is honestly a coincidence here. There are many cases like this that go unheard of. My personal theory is that there may have been a fire in the cargo hold similar to what happened on the SA 747 that crashed many years ago albeit that one was a combi, it too went down very quickly and I believe only one radio call was made before it slammed into the sea. If the reports are true that the US base did receive a warning from MH370 then this is a possibility. I would hold off on the bomb theory for now. If the plane had broken up at high altitude, the oil slick probably wouldn't have shown up at all. One of my buddies is a pilot for CX and flew through airspace near to this between SIN-HKG a few hours before it was reported missing and said that weather was excellent as reports have said.
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