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Originally Posted by Rockybudgeboa View Post
One was from Austria and One was from Italy.

Or not as the case may be, Because there passports were stolen in thailand 2 years ago.

1. What happens when a passport goes missing?

a) is it only cancelled in the country of issue, so if anybody ever flew to austria or italy they would be caught? but since they fly within asia there is no worldwide missing passport database to alert any other nations ?

I hope not, but i heard reports of a bomb, because the aircraft dissapeared at 35,000ft, and asked myself who would want to punish malaysia or china?

I found it strange until i found this little terrorist group

Uyghur Seperatist State of China.

I dont want to get shot down for speculation on the worst outcome, but just a suggestion until we know more.

If the italian and austrian are safe, who was really on the plane in there place?

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