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Default Re: Malaysia Airlines 777 Missing

What we know at the stage is -

Disappeared from radar at cruise, so FL32-34 probably - Not long into the flight.

Crashed into the sea more than a hundred miles from the Vietnamese coast in the Gulf of Thailand Reports are that the Vietnamese navy has picked up the electronic distress buoy. Water there not very deep and the crash site is more or less pinpointed by radar so won't be long until the FDR and CVR are recovered. Radar transcripts and what they tell us about rate and trajectory of descent and also the contact itself will tell us a great deal.

No radio communication from the aircraft before the event that we know of but transcripts if there was anything may be come to light later. All indications are that the was no communication though.

Aircraft was 2002 delivered, one of the newest 772s in MH's fleet, a Rolls Trent 892 powered ER frame.

239 souls on board.

Routing KUL-PEK. Reported as overdue by Chinese authorities 2hrs 40mins after scheduled time of arrival. ACARS messages and satellite comms to MH would have stopped at least at the time of the crash or before. Woud be helpful to know if the flight left on time.

Useless to speculate at this point just have to look at the facts.

We can take just these things from the evidence - if there was no communication then there implies something catastrophic and very sudden.

Icing looks unlikely given the METARS down route and prevailing weather conditions. Likely to have been mild to moderate turbulence in the area at the time. But nothing to worry about.

Fuel starvation or catastrophic fuel contamination looks extremely unlikely at this stage as there does not appear to have been a flight path deviation from what we understnd and even if both engines went dark with no warnng the RAT would deploy to provide emergency power.

Structural failure, catastrophic depressurisation, oxygen system failure/hypoxia at cruise or a bomb or fire do fit with what we know but that's all we can say at this stage and that's an awful lot of questions right there.

Fact is we don't know. RIP to those who died and thoughts and prayers to the affected.
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