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Default Re: Malaysia Airlines 777 Missing

It's pretty clear the search and rescue parties are having difficulty finding the aircraft because it (and I hope I am wrong) has crashed in the water. With that being said, there is no indication that a distress signal was ever sent by the aircraft/aircrew - or at least it has not been reported. This would lead me to believe that one of two possibilities may have occurred - 1) the aircraft suffered a catastrophic failure with the airframe caused by an explosive device or structural failure as a lack of poor aircraft maintenance that gave the pilots no time to react or 2) the aircraft had faulty instrumentation and the instrumentation was telling the pilots one thing while the aircraft was doing something else.

These are just my opinions and would welcome any debate. What I am hoping for is to wake-up tomorrow morning and discover that the aircraft is sitting on a ramp somewhere in Vietnam with angry passengers waiting for a back-up aircraft.
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