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Originally Posted by B2707300SST View Post
What should have been a revolutionary re-branding just leaves me wanting to see the only airline whose aircraft could been seen from the ground making contrails....a gleaming silver airplane with highly recognizable stripes.
But that livery looks so 1970s now. Classic, yes, but very, very dated. I get so tired of hearing how people are mourning the old livery. And the old AA image was tarnished by the missteps and problems of the AAL of the past decade or so.

I think the new livery looks good in person, it doesn't look as good in online photos. The 767-300WL and the 737-800 wear the new livery particularly well, the new aa.com looks awesome, and the new ticket counters and Flagship Check-In at JFK with the new branding is really classy. It's not that I'm just so pro-AAL that I blindly go along with everything the company does, but it does look better than anything a lot of other airlines have done in recent years. I do also like Delta's current branding and the white and blue look of their new T4 at JFK.

I was really sick of the old livery and branding, and have been wondering for years if/when we'd ever change. To my eyes, the "AA" and scissor eagle look as outdated to me as the International Orange livery of the '50s and early '60s. I like moving forward, and the new livery is a break from the past.
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