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Originally Posted by NYCAAer View Post
As an employee of AA, I voted to keep the new flag tail. While the new livery wasn't anything I would have chosen myself, I felt that going back to the old AA and scissor eagle was a step back, and the confusion of having TWO logos, two different fonts and a livery where nothing matched was far worse.

The livery looks far better in person than in photographs, and I think an image change was desperately needed. I felt a new livery was in order when the first 738s and 772s were delivered in 1999, for the new millennium, but that didn't happen.

Yes, the old livery was a classic, but you have to move on and get with the times. The same could be said about DL's classic widget scheme in use until 1997, but they moved on, too. The old livery was awesome on the 707 and 727-100, but those times are over.

And to be honest with you, when I see a bunch of AAL tails at JFK T8 in the distance from the JFK Airtrain, it's the new flag tails that leave the most lasting favorable impression. The old AA tails look bland in comparison.
and this is exactly what I meant.

if there were a third choice - some other new idea - I think it would have won. I doubt that everybody who voted for the new tail actually love the new tail. You can only vote for the choices you are given.
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