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Originally Posted by I am the ACE View Post
well for a F-14you cant bet A Century Wing although there a bit expensive, im pretty sure that Hobby Master just released a nice Sufa but i also know that Witty does them

As for the EA-6 im not entirely sure, i bet however skinner will be here soon to come to the rescue
You knew it was just a matter of time, but alas, you have answered well Ace.

F-14D Century Wings, hands down the best... but the availability is limited. The VF-1 Wolfpack is still widely available, but other releases, including the new Vampires are nearly sold out. Expect to pay $150-$600 depending on the livery. Witty Wings and Dragon have some available for half the retail price of CW, but each has it's problems with accuracy.

The Hobby Master F-16I is just now getting to retailers depending on your location. It is superior to the Witty Wings version, but there is a low production run, and I assume it will be sold out quickly. Contact a retailer soon by phone to try to reserve one or you may miss it. The Witty version is not that bad, but there are minor inaccuracies that will drive purists nuts.

There is an EA-6B from Hogan, but at 1/200 scale. It is highly doubtful that one will be released any time soon in 1/72 despite customer requests. The Hogan model is excellent and comes in a variety of liveries.

CW makes a great A-6. It's the next best thing and very popular. There's only 2 liveries widely available at the moment, but they can be found on eBay and the occasional retailer due to the high production runs.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes.
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