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Default Re: Landed: A380 House

Here are some interesting shots, I found my Skymarks A380 house colours (sitting in a box a storeage box in the garage) which I had forgot I had, and was so excieted to get back when it was released, only simply to compare with the Boeing's 747-400 at the time and I knew Qantas had placed orders. I have to say Skymarks did a good job (except cockpit windows). Since Skymarks release of Airbus A380, Airbus changed House Colours as you all know. I never ever would have expected to have this model in diecast. My diecast copy arrived last week and decieded not to post since SuperKungFu did such a great job with his photos. Here is another concept for you fellow collectors to compare JC's A380 diecast mould versus Skymarks original House A380 colours release.

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