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Michael Magdaleno....In my opinion, and only my opinion, I think that the majority of issues that occur are the fault of the cradles. True. I think that the diecasts are forced or squashed in to them that they get damaged and shaken in transit. Think of the transit route of a diecast. It is packed at the manufacturer, goes to the local seaport, gets loaded on a ship, crosses the ocean, and is off loaded on a dock. Then it is loaded on a truck and driven to the distributor in that country. The distributor unpacks it and ships it to the dealer. Then dealer drops it and it breaks . Only kidding. The dealer then hires a person for $7 an hour, $4 in Kansas, to unpack it. It then gets shipped to you. Now take a look at your landing gear, antennas, and other small parts of your diecast and ask yourself this question. Is it really GJ's fault? Do they check every diecast that arrives in their warehouse? NOT!!! You wouldn't have the time either. It really is up to the dealers to check their own stock. Some do-some don't.
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