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Default Re: American's new 737-800 design changes??

@ SgtMoody and VH-OGT: sorry i cant recall the regi numbers on this particular ac but if do see it drop by yyz i try to get some pics.

....maybe try the flight tracker it was AA#1497 YYZ-MIA departs 1010 (jan7,2013)

i really dont know about the landing gears as well but what i do know is that it sits a bit higher compared to the other 378 and this is with pax and luggages loaded already??

I know for sure that the wing design changed. i suspect that this was the NG version??

as i previously mentioned about the canoes yes it is still 3 on each wing but the design changed it is more slicker and thinner designed which fooled my eyes believing it was only 2 , compared to the old ones which was fat looking...

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