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Default American's new 737-800 design changes??

Hi folks for this past month i've noticed that the newer american 737-800 has some subtle design changes...first thing i've notice is that the aft under belly is not bare metal anymore the aircraft seem to sit higher now the landing gear struts seem longer? I've notice this everytime i put the beltloaders. Finally the wing design the previous 378's have 3 fairing canoes on each wings the new ones have only 2 canoes only on each wing....the winglits seems thinner and somewhat pointy and they dont have the AA.com on it anymore.

for airplane spotters this newer american 378's has a 737-8 on its nose gear bay doors in yellow/red numbers.

is this subltle changes a prelude to the 737-max? Maybe GJ,hogans,inflights and herpa needs to redisign there 737 mould

any AMR employee knows what im talking about? particularly with the new 737-800
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