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Default The four Qantas 787 "Balarnji"

I have now had the opportunity to compare the four versions of the 1/400 Qantas 787-900 "Balarnji"

The first to be released was the Phoenix version.

I am a collector not a manufacturer but you would think before releasing a model you would perform some sort of quality control.

Unfortunately, for Phoenix quality control was at lunch when the model was shipped as no one checked the model against the picture on the side of the box.

Just goes to show rushing to the market causes major credibility problems for manufactures and Phoenix you sure missed the boat on this model.

Secondly came the J C Wings version and I must say IMO it looks good although there were several complaints that the tail was too dark.

I am very happy to have this model in my collection as they got it right the first time.

Thirdly came the NG Models version, on receipt I was a little surprised with the lightness of the red tail colour, which is the same red as all other Qantas aircraft, however the actual 787 "Balarnji" is a darker colour.

This release was in short supply as it was claimed it was a sample run so most collectors paid well above the usual retail price

The fourth release is from Extra Models (NG Models) I presume the name change is due to the different darker tail colour.

So after buying all four models what is my verdict?

The Phoenix model should be returned for full credit. An absolute waste of money.

The J C Wings version scores extremely high as I believe they have produced an extremely good model

NG Models with the exception of the wrong lighter tail colour it is a reasonable model but not worth keeping in my collection

Extra Models (NG Models) Nice model now they have recified the tail colour and enhanced the airframe colours. Their second attempt at the model is worth keeping.

If you already have the J C Wings version I would not buy the Extra’s version you already have a great model.

This hobby is now very expensive and if manufacturers do not develop better quality control system sales will decline.

Well that’s my view anyway.

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The four Qantas 787 "Balarnji"-phoenix-img_0583.jpg   The four Qantas 787 "Balarnji"-j-c-wings-img_0586.jpg   The four Qantas 787 "Balarnji"-ng-img_0588.jpg   The four Qantas 787 "Balarnji"-untitled-duplicated-01.jpg   The four Qantas 787 "Balarnji"-tail.jpg  

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Default Re: The four Qantas 787 "Balarnji"

That's great very interesting. I have 3 of the 4. I don't have the JC Wings.
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Default Re: The four Qantas 787 "Balarnji"

Didn’t know of the JC Wings version either.
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Default Re: The four Qantas 787 "Balarnji"

I have the JC wings version which I’m very happy about considering I first had the Phoenix version. One point I’d make about the JC Wings version is that it has the dome on top when the real version does not. Only a small detail which I’m not that worried about as the colour scheme was the main focus for me.
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Default Re: The four Qantas 787 "Balarnji"

Great review and cuts to the chase - no counting of rivets, just giving the collector enough info to make an informed choice.
Unfortunately, I jumped in early with the 'sample' NG version though I am quite happy with it. It does the job for me.
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Default Re: The four Qantas 787 "Balarnji"

I prefer my 'Extra' NG version over the JC (and I had both in hand) but either of those is definitely worth having.

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