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Default A Look Back On 2018

As 2018 draws to a close, I think everyone can agree it's been a significant year for the hobby - especially for 1/400 scale. From my own chair, here, I feel there's a newfound energy and enthusiasm for the hobby, based in no small part to a new entrant manufacturer. Who has, in less than 12 months, managed to completely reshape the competitive landscape; not only with their own products, but also by stimulating new releases and mould development by the incumbent manufacturers.

So, as the year end draws near, I thought it might be interesting to hear what everyone's favorite releases of the year were - hopefully keeping it limited to their top 3!! For me:

1) NG Models Northwest Orient 757-200

Never thought I'd see the day, on this one. GJ's 757 mould, up to this year, was used for the occasional Delta, United, or American release, all in modern colors. I felt there was no chance we'd ever see a Northwest Orient. Well, lucky stars, NG produced it for one of their initial releases, in early 2018. And as is the hallmark with all NG products, the quality is exemplary.

2) Aeroclassics American Airlines 767-200

I was, admittedly, a huge skeptic of the new 767-200 mould by Aeroclassics when it was first announced. But as it turned out, it ended up being one of my favorite releases of the year. That said, I was a tad disappointed the tail number was for a 767-200ER, not the more 'classic' 767-200A. But, I haven't completely given up hope on this - Aeroclassics has long done second or third releases of a model, in simply changing the tail number.

3) Aeroclassics Northwest Airlines DC-10-40

The model in the photo is N162US, the third release of a Northwest DC-10-40 in the 90's livery. 2018 was a good year for Northwest DC10's: two new Dash-30's, two new Dash-40's. Remarkable job, on all. As many would agree, I think the DC10 is one of Aeroclassics' finest moulds.

So, what about everyone else?? What are your top 3 favorite releases of 2018??

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Default Re: A Look Back On 2018

For me, the top three are all NG 757s:

1. British Airways Landor

2. British Airways Negus

3. British Airways World Tails

The Aeroclassics DC-10 is definately the best DC-10 out there, but has been around a long time and has already received much praise. The AC B767 I have yet to be convinced about, but NG's 757s are new and receive the highest accolade from me in 2018.

The missing B.707s still needed to be done in 1/400: Uganda Airlines, Luxair,

DC-8s still needed to be done in 1/400: UAT, Iberia ('80s scheme), Air Ceylon, Air Spain, Seaboard World (-63CF)

Aeroclassics Comets still missing- Dan Air (4 & 4C), United Arab Airlines/Misrair/Egyptair, Kuwait AW, Sudan AW, East African AW, Saudi Royal Flt.
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Default Re: A Look Back On 2018

NG Models and Aeroclassics were my favourite manufacturers this year. The TOP 3 models would be:

1. NG Boeing 757-236 British Airways (Landor)
2. NG Boeing 757 222 United Airlines (Saul Bass)
3. NG Boeing 757-236 British Airways (Negus)

I'm hoping for some great LTU releases from both manufacturers in 2019.
Models I want to see in 1/400:
Boeing 737-200/300 Condor (grey), Boeing 737-500 Air France, Boeing 747-200B SAA (white belly), McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32 Aero Lloyd
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Default Re: A Look Back On 2018

Personally for me 2018 was my biggest collecting year yet.

Even though the 3 models I am about to list were not released this year, I only got them this year and they have become my favorites. All three models were purchased way under model value and I am very pleased.

1) Phoenix Models UPS 747-8
2) Phoenix Models Korean Air Cargo 747-8
3) Not 400 scale, but a 1:150 Hogan Wings Royal Flying Doctor Service PC-12.
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Default Re: A Look Back On 2018

2018 was definitely exciting to see NG release 757 after 757. Haven't got a single one yet though and hoping the 757s I'm looking for will emerge in 2019. I started collecting in 2006 when I discovered my very first 1/400 C-17 with a McGuire tailflash at the Boeing C-17 manufacturing plant's gift store in Long Beach. 2018 was the year I lost significant interest in 1/400 commercial airliners and I am still in the process of shedding a good portion of them slowly. 1/400 military aircraft will stay with me for sure! But I am still in the game somewhat when something comes up that's interesting. A Panda SAS 737-600 just landed yesterday.

Here's my top 3 models that landed in 2018:
1. Gemini Lufthansa A350-900
2. HYJL Lufthansa A321 (current livery and Star Alliance)
3. Panda Lufthansa A320 (current liveries with and w/o winglets)

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Some great choices here already.

I only started collecting diecast models in December 2017 and the new found energy in the hobby is really exciting.

NG was the first manufacturer where preordering models became the norm for me, as before I stuck to older releases at first. So my three favourites are all NG.

1. Ng Models TF-FIU Boeing 757-200 Icelandair "Helka Aurora" - an absolutely stunning model which I was only half considering until my partner noticed me eyeing it up on eBay and she went ahead and bought it for me. It's probably my most favourite model in my collection since then, the paintwork is staggeringly beautiful.

2. Ng Models N757AF Boeing 757 Donald J Trump Operations - I have a thing for planes that belong to prolific individuals and to see Trumps plane in scale during the current climate is very interesting. The gold lettering and neat cheatline makes it.

3. Ng Models VH-ZND Boeing 787-9 Qantas "Yam Dreaming" - Literally just arrived in the post this morning. It was always going to be good as they got the colours right but I didn't quite expect my first NG Dreamliner to be this good.

Happy New Year everyone.
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Default Re: A Look Back On 2018

Very hard to say. 2018 was a great renaissance year in 1:400. NG Models now sets the standards for excellence in detail. Aeroclassics is making progress on QC, and they did a lot of outstanding classics this year.

If I had to pick three:

NG Models Northwest Orient 757.
NG Models United Saul Bass 757.
Aeroclassics : Ariana Afghan DC-10. AC gives you high-quality smaller-country national-carrier DC-10's, and that's awesome. All the United and the Continental DC-10 are very welcome, too, trunk-carrier classics. There are a number of other DC-10's that would be candidates, too, but some had serious errors.

The greatest need in 1:400: Reissues of Major Passenger-Carrier 747 Classics: -100/200, -300, and SP, of NG / Aeroclassics / Big Bird Mk. 1 quality. Examples: American; United Blue-Star, Bass; TWA double globe, double stripe; Pan Am delivery; British Airways Negus, Landor; KLM 70's-80's blue top; Air France 70's-80's; Lufthansa 70's-80's; Aer Lingus delivery; Sabena 80's circle-s; Japan Air Lines 70's-80s; All Nippon 70's; and Qantas 70's-80's.
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Default Re: A Look Back On 2018

I’ve purchased a grand total of six 1:400 models this year, gone are the days of six a month being normal. Perhaps just as well! Five of them are NG 757s, the other a Phoenix 787. My top three come from the NGs:

1) Air Europe. Never thought I’d see the day that this was produced. It was the first 757 I ever flew on, Gatwick to Tenerife in 1984.

2) BA Landor. I’m not a particular Landor fan but it was a major 757 that was missing from my and everyone else’s collection.

3) BA Negus. BA’s first 757, came into service around the time I qualified as an Air Traffic Controller. As I’ve just retired from that job it therefore has a personal meaning over and above the fact it was something else missing from many a collection.

For the record the others are the Britannia and BA Grand Union which are rather splendid too and the 787 is Hainan Airlines and has the reggie of the one I flew from Edinburgh to Dublin earlier this year.

I’ve just ordered the CSA Tu-104 today but it won’t arrive until 2019 so doesn’t count. It might have trumped the lot, who knows?

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Default Re: A Look Back On 2018

My top 3 choices are
Aeroclassics Varig DC-10-30 PP-VMY
NG Models Republic 757
NG Models Delta Widget 757
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Default Re: A Look Back On 2018

Model of the year for me is undoubtedly NG's British Airways Negus 757 G-BIKB. It's the first model I've ever suggested be made that actually was made and a reflection of how well thought of our opinions are by NG, so a big THANK YOU from me. The aircraft was BA's first 757, and the first one I bunked off school to go and see. It has a huge sentimental value to me and I'm really pleased to finally see it rendered in 1:400 scale. The companion release of G-CPET in the same livery is also special as I got to film and fly onboard her on the final revenue flight so that is even more boxes ticked by one model

Not surprisingly I am a big 757 fan and therefore collector. I've spent over £1100 on NG 757's in 2018, currently owning 28 examples with another two on the way as I write and also eagerly awaiting the January release announcement.

My next favourite release would be the Aeroclassics BA Landor 767-200. (Despite the painted blue nose gear and slightly too big nose wheel.) Another long saught after release that ticks another box in my collection.

Thirdly the NG Qantas 'Yam Dreaming' 787-9. A simply stunning reproduction that bodes well for future releases and also one I suggested they do, despite taking some flak for it, the model seems to have been eagerly snapped up by the collectorate at large.
Let's be having, the British Airways/British, Negus & Negus BAC 1-11-500 in 1:400 please !
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Default Re: A Look Back On 2018

There's many Aeroclassics and NG models that could appear, but for me the shortlist would be:

1. NG Models Britannia 757-200
2. Aeroclassics TWA 767-200
3. Aeroclassics BA 767-200

JC Wings Swissair MD-11 might have made the list, if they'd ever bothered to produce it....
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Since this year is my first year to have purchased any die cast in almost a decade, I’ve really limited my purchases down to a few moulds. With around 60 NG Models and HYJLwings now in my collection, my favorites are
NG Eastern narrow hockey stick 757
NG Qantas 787
Aeroclassics Aeromexico DC-9 orange/silver colors
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Default Re: A Look Back On 2018

So many bought this year, where do I start. My top 3 have to be:

1. Aeroclassics JAL DC-10, ‘70s cheatline o/c - long awaited release
2. Aeroclassics Ariana Afghan DC-10 - because it was different and unexpected
3. NG Models British Airways 757, Negus o/c G-BIKB. Historic, marked a new era in BA fleet
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Default Re: A Look Back On 2018

NG all the way...

NG American Airlines 757 w/ winglets
NG Delta Airlines Widget 757
NG British Airways Chelsea Rose 757
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Default Re: A Look Back On 2018

I'm with Reg in the main, just number 3, for me anyway, the Caledonian pips the Negus, just!

1) NG Air Europe 757 (British Flag) - Never thought I'd see this one, let's be having the 737-300 now!
2) NG Landor 757
3) NG Caledonian 757

This year represents the most models I've purchased in 5 years, and most in a flurry at the end of year from NG.
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Default Re: A Look Back On 2018

Man this is tough, because 2018 has really been a banner year. I'm gonna have to go with:

1 - NG Icelandair 757 Hekla Aurora - just stunning and one of my favorite airlines as well since I flew on their DC-8s back in the '80s.

2 - NG Qantas 787 Yam Dreaming - I was among the voices advocating for another mould to be done other than something well-covered by other manufacturers, but I'm totally willing to admit I was wrong on this one - it's spectacular and very welcomed since PHX made such a hash of the colors.

3 - Phoenix Aeroflot 777-300 - This holds a special place since it represents my first flight on a 773, along with the flight that brought me back to the US after my Russian aviation trip this year, where I got to experience a bunch of different Russian types and airlines (including the last operating Tu-134 and Tu-154 )

My holy grails:

Sun Country 727-200 late 1990's colors
Yamal & Interjet SSJ-100
Kenya Airways 737-800 New colors
Alrosa Tu-154 latest colors / Tu-134 old colors

Flown on: A300/310/319/320/321/332/333/343/380 AN24/28/38/148 ATR42/72 B190
B717/722/732/3/4/5/7/8/9 B741/744/752/753/762/763/764/772/773/788/789 C206/208/402
CR1/2/7/9 D8S D93/4/5 DHC2/3T/7/8-200/Q400 Do228/328J E110/120/135/140/145/170/175/190
F50/100 JS31 L10/15 L410 MD11/82/83/87/88/90 RJ85 S340 SSJ100 Tu134/154 Yak42
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