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RStretton 12-17-2013 09:32 PM

American MD-80 Liveries - C'mon Gemini surprise me!
I have just received my AA Gemini MD-80 and am planning on doing a review of the mould when I get a chance however pre-release talk got me thinking about the different livery variations American has used on its MD-80 fleet - so I did abit of investigating.

I would be stunned if Gemini ever release any older coloured versions (partly because they don't have an original tailcone mould and partly because they are Gemini) but I am sure if/when AA paint any of their MD-80s in the new scheme (or is possible replacement) then gemini will be on to it.

Anyway AA's original MD-80s first arrived in 1983 and had a full silver scheme with only the tailcone painted grey. They also had Super 80 titles on the nose:

By 1987/88 the first screwdriver MD-80s had been delivered and had a grey painted tail. Older style MD-80s were also getting the grey tail by then. The Super 80 titles still remained though

Then in 1999 with the Reno Air takeover there were several hybrids:

and some white bodied MD82s, MD87s and MD90s:

With the TWA takeover their fleet wore an AA type scheme for a while prior to the full merger completion:

Then from about 2004 onwards the Super 80 titles were removed:

True to form it is this last scheme that Gemini have produced and though I'd love to see the other versions I seriously doubt we will. Now if this were Aeroclassics it'd probably be another story but it isn't.

asj410 12-18-2013 07:59 AM

Re: American MD-80 Liveries - C'mon Gemini surprise me!
I purchased a few of GJ's American MD-80s with the specific intent of customizing two of them with the larger black rain boot (yes, there was a smaller version and the much more common larger version that extended into the red stripe) on the radome and "Super 80" titles on the nose. I'll also need to remove all but the last cabin window aft of the rear service door on the left side as well. This will give me the '90s look that, to me, is the more iconic look for this subject. The current look of most of American's MD-80s with the clear rain boot is much cleaner and more modern looking, but I'll always remember them with that black rain boot.

DLmd11 12-18-2013 10:33 PM

Re: American MD-80 Liveries - C'mon Gemini surprise me!
I believe DW did the AA/TWA MD-80 when that was an active color scheme.


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