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Exclamation Re: Gemini Jets QC issues!

Originally Posted by aklein707 View Post
Tiananmen Square was resolved no differently, than the Kent State protests, both of the last century. At least the results in China were more positive, with anarchy and hooliganism being crushed, with steady growth and improvement to society ever since. Can the same claim be made in the US??

Didn't think so!
As for the people in Tibet, they'll never be happy!! Who could live in a place with little or no Oxygen??
Not even close! The hooligans in china are deep underground and not as easy to see, they are still there causing all kinds of trouble. As for your analogy you way off, just because arms were used in both cases...only on the most superficial level can you even compare the two! You so wrong on the cause, effect & behavior of both examples
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Default Re: Gemini Jets QC issues!

Originally Posted by Michael Magdaleno View Post
Just recieved the new United 787 today,and now its going back to the retailer I ordered it from,for a replacement plane,the main landing gears are croaked and the plane does not sit level.The other plane that I ordered from another retailer was a United 737-800,the tail was crooked and it suffed from a crooked cockpit windshield,so I send that one back,and got a replacement 737-800 and guess what?,the left main gear was glued in very outwards towards the engines so I send it back and got it replaced with a Delta A-320,does China not like United?Just my 2 cents worth.
Nowt to do with China. All consumer goods are subject to QA problems.
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Default Re: Gemini Jets QC issues!

Aaagh ladies....I think we've had enough bitching,like a bunch of old woman! Let's talk about our passion,should we!.....models!
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Default Re: Gemini Jets QC issues!

Originally Posted by Michael Magdaleno View Post
Just recieved the new United 787 today,and now its going back to the retailer
Michael, in my opinion this means the model is very accurate. Most 787s are having problems. Some have caught fire.
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Default Re: Gemini Jets QC issues!

Michael Magdaleno....In my opinion, and only my opinion, I think that the majority of issues that occur are the fault of the cradles. True. I think that the diecasts are forced or squashed in to them that they get damaged and shaken in transit. Think of the transit route of a diecast. It is packed at the manufacturer, goes to the local seaport, gets loaded on a ship, crosses the ocean, and is off loaded on a dock. Then it is loaded on a truck and driven to the distributor in that country. The distributor unpacks it and ships it to the dealer. Then dealer drops it and it breaks . Only kidding. The dealer then hires a person for $7 an hour, $4 in Kansas, to unpack it. It then gets shipped to you. Now take a look at your landing gear, antennas, and other small parts of your diecast and ask yourself this question. Is it really GJ's fault? Do they check every diecast that arrives in their warehouse? NOT!!! You wouldn't have the time either. It really is up to the dealers to check their own stock. Some do-some don't.
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