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make.me.laugh 05-23-2017 11:28 AM

This section is for personal individual use ONLY and NOT For Retailers or Online Businesses or e-bay Stores.
www.diecastaircraftforum.com assumes absolutely NO RESPONSIBILITY for transactions conducted among members on this forum.

The most important is: IF you want to sell, buy or trade, please post HERE! Moderators must move topics every day because threads are opened in other WRONG sections of this forum.

2. Post ALL relevant information about your sale, the best way would be with detailed information in the order of MANUFACTURER, AIRLINE, AIRCRAFT and IF AVAILABLE a DAC-ID# .

3. Remember if you have an item for sale/trade or wanted, then describe it thoroughly, even post a picture if possible. Remember to Always state in this order, who the manufacturer is, the Airline and Aircraft, in the Title. This saves everybody time.

4. When you post a new SALE/WANTED/TRADE or Ebay related model for sale, there are the following PREFIXES to include on your thread/title, that makes it easier to "spot" for the buyer/seller that might be interested of your thread.
The following prefixes are colored with bold RED, GREEN, BLUE and with "ebay" logo. You are required to use them in your posting.

5. No interference in a "For Sale" thread (this means, no price criticism, no posting your own item for sale in someone else's "For Sale" thread, no posting nonsense like "I love this model and I will never sell it" in someone else's "Wanted" thread etc.) Also no hijacking (ie. if the thread is about a particular model, you are not allowed to hijack it, and go off on an unrelated subject). Interference = possible suspensions by the moderator(s).

6. Read our thread on how to make your transaction as safe as possible.

Happy Collecting! :envy:

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